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Dolan & Murphy, Inc., has been a part of the Aurora community for over 40 years.

In 1965, Daniel D. Dolan and James O. Murphy combined their talents as Commercial Industrial Real Estate brokers and formed Dolan & Murphy, Inc. creating the first real estate firm in the Fox River Valley exclusively specializing in commercial, industrial and investment properties.

In the years to follow, Dolan & Murphy, Inc. became deeply involved in annexing and zoning thousands of acres in Aurora including Kane County and Aurora’s Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan in the 1960’s, advocating the designation of thousands of acres of prime tollway and major highway land for commercial and industrial use. Most of Aurora’s present economic development has occurred on these parcels, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue for the City of Aurora.

The company’s first large project, which is still its flagship, was to develop 265 acres around the interchange of I-88 and Farnsworth Avenue on Aurora’s northeast side. Today that farmland has been transformed into business and industry development – Farnsworth International Business Park, Borg Warner, O.S.I., Loctite (Teroson) Corp., M.T.I., Cano Packaging and Packaging Dimension, Aurora Tri-State Fire Protection, and A.G. Edwards, to name a few.

One of the firm’s most rewarding projects was a joint development by McDonald’s and Del Ray Farms Grocery. A dozen parcels in the heart of a residential area were combined and used for the project which has increased the tax base on the property many-fold while creating 150 full and part-time jobs and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales tax.

But, their projects are not limited to any area of the community or Fox Valley. Dolan & Murphy, Inc., has projects underway throughout the valley and has many large parcels of 100 and 200 acres or larger, ready for development when the right client comes along.

Dolan & Murphy, Inc., also has become a leader in property management, with one million square feet of office and retail space, more than one-half million square feet of industrial space and more than 40 active land partnerships in their portfolio. They also handle leasing in many of their projects.

Dolan & Murphy, Inc., is just as active today as it was 25 years ago regarding the present zoning climate and comprehensive plan for today and the future of Aurora. Once again, Dolan & Murphy, Inc., is taking a leadership role in advocating diversity. They are arranging zoning and densities that will allow access to housing for all segments of the Aurora Community. The diversity will provide access to home ownership for many and availability of rental units for others. It will also create a balance of residential development that will be self-sufficient in producing tax revenues.

The sales associates of Dolan & Murphy, Inc., handle transactions ranging from a 600 square foot office space to 200,000 square foot industrial facilities just as diligently and professionally regardless of the size of the transaction or task. Whatever your commercial and industrial needs, Dolan & Murphy, Inc., can help. No parcel is too large or too small.

Whatever is good for Dolan & Murphy, Inc., will always be good for Aurora.


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